PETMEM (Piezoelectronic Transduction Memory Device) is a European Commission funded project under the H2020 ICT Programme.

PETMEM is a unique partnerships amongst Universities, Research Institutions, SMEs and a large company that will focus on the development of new materials and characterization tools to enable the fabrication of an entirely new low-voltage, memory element [...]



  • Technological objective: demonstrate the PETMEM proof of concept by fabricating working devices
  • Scientific objective: establish a fundamental understanding of the new materials and novel nanoscale structure
  • Innovation objective: increase  EU market share in the production of piezoelectric transduction devices

the problem



The clock speed has been stalled since 2003 as CMOS electronics reaches its physical limits. This intrinsic problem is caused by the inability to lower voltage any further in CMOS, so that current chips are operating at the cooling-limited power [...]

OUR Solution


The piezoelectronic transistor (PET) is a transduction device not subject to the voltage limits of field-effect transistors. The PET transduces voltage to stress, activating a facile insulator–metal transition, thereby achieving multigigahertz switching speeds, as predicted by modeling, at lower power than the comparable generation field effect transistor (FET) [...]

The Team


PETMEM is a European partnerships amongst Universities, Research Institutions, SMEs and a large company [...]